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Defense of Major Traffic and Related Crimes

Ms. Dalton doesn’t give the state the benefit of the doubt when it comes to defending her clients’ freedom. Aggressively scrutinizing and attacking the state’s evidence and charges can make a huge difference in obtaining the best possible results.  Once an accusation is made, as an extremely detailed-oriented criminal defense attorney, Ms. Dalton takes the trouble to carefully go through all the evidence submitted by the government and to conduct an independent investigation, often including consulting with experts on possible technical defenses (see DUI Science, drug DUI and other DUI defense information on this website for more specific information).


Procedural rules and statutory defenses are also important parts of fighting any criminal case.  A criminal defense lawyer with thorough knowledge of these laws may be able to use them to the advantage of a person accused.  Through pre-trial motions and aggressive litigation, Ms. Dalton has obtained favorable results including dismissals, acquittals after trial and significant reduction of charges and sentences in a wide variety of serious cases.


Sometimes things are not as law enforcement makes them seem and sometimes officers make serious mistakes that violate the rights of the accused.  Ms. Dalton uses a cutting edge approach to litigation, keeping up on recent developments in the law, science and technology.  Ms. Dalton has a proven track record of holding the government to its duty of complying with the rules and using their mistakes to her clients’ benefit.


When clients need to take their case to trial, Ms. Dalton is an experienced and successful trial attorney. In addition to knowing how to develop a case for litigation, having a lawyer with the skills to get results from a jury is crucial.  Sometimes pre-trial resolution is not a satisfactory option.  In those cases, Ms. Dalton is not afraid to dig in her heels and take off the gloves.  With years of experience and superior skill in presenting cases to the jury, Ms. Dalton is never afraid to get into the fight. Sometimes, that’s just the best option.  Either way, prosecutors will carefully reconsider their resolution option before picking a fight with a formidable opponent. Having an unwavering trial lawyer on your side gives you a fighting chance.


Whether or not charges have been filed, if are suspected of committing a crime, getting an experience, aggressive lawyer involved can make a huge difference in the outcome.  


Call us for a free initial consultation at (360) 213-0013 ... or call Ms. Dalton 24 hours, 7 days per week for urgent legal matters at 503-nine-five-seven-9018.


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Aggressive criminal defense services available in Southwest Washington areas including Clark County, Vancouver, Camas, Washougal, Battleground, Ridgefield, Cowlitz County, Skamania County, and other areas.

At the Law Office of Nicole T. Dalton, PLLC, we have experience defending people against a wide variety of criminal charges, including serious violent crimes and felony traffic and driving offenses.  Ms. Dalton handles cases including:


Ms. Dalton focuses her energies on providing an aggressive, detailed approach to litigating serious charges.  Ms. Dalton regularly litigates serious felony charges in addition to DUI charges.  Felony charges are extremely serious and litigation in the superior courts requires knowledge beyond that needed in typical misdemeanor DUI charges.  In felony matters, Ms. Dalton works the case thoroughly from the beginning.  We use professional investigators to explore possible defenses, look for witnesses, and to scrutinize the state’s evidence and we often hire seasoned experts to analyze the state’s evidence and give testimony at trial.  An expert may review the processing of forensic evidence or explain issues with the state’s toxicology laboratory’s processing, dispute the state’s expert witnesses regarding drugs and intoxication, or to dispute the state’s accident reconstruction evidence.