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If you are arrested for DUI and submitted to a breath test or the police obtained a warrant for a blood test, the reasults of that test will have an impact on the potential consequences and the negotiations in the case.  Washington law allows conviction for DUI based on a test above .08 within two hours of driving and imposes harsher penalties for a breath or blood test above .15.  If convicted, the mandatory minimum sentence for a DUI conviction below .15 is 24 hours in jail but above a .15 or with a refusal, that minimum is two days and other associated penalties, including license suspension, are harsher.  


Even if a driver takes a test with a result below .08, Washington law allows prosecutors to pursue criminal DUI charges.  Unfortunately, this is happening more and more frequently based on a section of Washington’s DUI law allowing conviction for driving while affected by alcohol.  This makes it really scary and difficult for drivers to predict how much alcohol is too much alcohol before getting behind the wheel.  Since drinking and driving is not a very popular political cause, there are few public education campaigns that adequately educate the public about how low the legal tolerance level really is.  


A person who has physical challenges or difficulties with balance, or who simply faces harsher environmental conditions in the field when performing voluntary field sobriety tests may face arrest and prosecution where another person with the same blood alcohol level may not.  Having a highly skilled and experienced DUI lawyer like Nicole Dalton is crucial in being able to adequately defend against a serious accusation.

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